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Must Have Travel App: Dayuse


We would like to share with you today this website and app that we love, Dayuse. This business lets you booking a hotel for a day! Yes a day!

Its a great app to use for day trips! Say you want to go to the beach for a day, but you would like a place to take a nap and/or shower, this is the perfect time to use Dayuse! Its even great if you need to do a photo shoot at a hotel, just rent it for a day, or even a few hours!

We love this program because for you it offers you free cancellation, you pay when you arrive at the hotel, and you get to enjoy everything the hotel has to offer. If you decide to stay overnight, Dayuse offers you up to 75% off the rate.

When you view the hotels that are available, you can see the time frame in which you can book the hotel room for, which is awesome!

This is a must have app on your phone!

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