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Group Hotel Booking: The Easy Way

We are exited that Urban Trendsetters Magazine decided to let us TAKEOVER their Travel Section today! -- The Black Travelers Club

We have all heard from 30 family members,"Yeah I'm going on that trip with you!" But it turns out that 10 people actually go on the trip. We've all been there. Booking group travel can be a major headache, from gathering people to collecting money.

We decided to fill you in on the easiest way to book a hotel for your group!!! I know you have booked at least one time on Expedia, but did you know they have Expedia Groups? Yes expedia groups allows you to book group hotel bookings (at least 10 rooms)! We are going to walk you through some of the details so you can get booking.

You will need to go to to get started. Remember you must reserve 10 or more rooms.

On the homepage you will enter your trip details, including #of rooms, type of trip, bedding options, your contact information.

Once you click submit, the it will start creating your details page. The details page will list all the trip details that you entered, and give you all the hotel options available for the dates you entered. Make sure you read the policies, reviews, etc for each hotel that you are considering. For each hotel you have the option to contact the hotel, do an instant booking, or decline the bid. Once your group book a hotel, you will get a voucher to use on your next expedia booking. The vouchers vary by hotel, most are $90 and up!

If you decided to do an Instant Booking, it takes you to a page where you can view more pics of the hotel, more details, as well bedding options. You have the option to pay at hotel or in advance.

Expedia Groups also gives an event page. You can customize this page as well. The event page is good for a trip like Essence Festival, BET Awards Weekend, etc. It allows not just your group to book travel but anyone that is looking for a room.

On the event page, it lists all the hotel that are available for booking. Once hotel is clicked they have view details of hotel (just list instant booking), bedding options and payment options (pay in advance or at hotel)

And thats it! Real simple. Try this Expedia Groups the next time you have a group hotel booking!

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