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Harlem Hookah

If you are in the New York area next month, make sure you stop by Harlem Hookah. Harlem Hookah is New York City's only black owned and woman owned hookah bar! It is owned by Dr. Tiffany Bowen.

For Black History Month, the lounge will feature Black-owned spirits including HH Bespoke Spirits, Shinju Whiskey and more. They will also integrate different sauces and condiments from Black-owned food companies into their menu. One of these is Oh Shito!, a spicy and savory pepper sauce from Ghana. Yo Pitts! Foods' line of ketchup, mustard, and sauces will accompany the sliders and fries served at Harlem Hookah. The Charleston Gourmet Burger Company, out of South Carolina will also join the rotation with a variety of burger marinades and sauces.

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