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#TravelLikeABoss: Become a Travel Agent for Free! Yes Free!

During the years I worked actively in the travel industry, seldom a month went by I didn’t receive at least one call from someone asking about the ins and outs of becoming a travel agent. Whenever someone ask me if they should pay a fee to become a travel agent, my first response is NO!

There is this company that i signed up with about 2 years ago, so I could continue being a travel agent without paying fees each month. I signed up with Cruise Brothers. They do not charge any fees unless you want your own personal website, which is not necessary.

They give you all your log in credentials for all the cruise companies, as well as land vacations, flights, travel insurance, and excursion companies! Again all without paying a fee.

You’re not just selling cruises. You can do hotels, flights, car rental, excursions, etc. Anything that pertains to travel, even trains.

Click here to sign up

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