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#TravelLikeABoss: Glamping is the Hottest Travel Trend

With the global coronavirus pandemic, just about everyone is itching to get out of the house and do something different. But travel is still a long way from “normal,” and polls, travel experts and common sense all point in the same directions: driving road trips, separated lodging (no crowded elevators or lobbies), and time spent outdoors - active or not - are the biggest trends right now.

Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. Together, the experience is about stepping off the beaten path, walking away from superficial tourist activities and embracing an immersive cultural environment.

Some call it luxury camping. Some call it glamorous camping. I just know it's better than regular camping, lol!

Some top spots in the South for Glamping are:

The Dome in Asheville, NC

The Dome at Asheville is a romantic baecation for the books. Spend your evenings stargazing and your mornings being kissed by the sun as it spills over from the mountains beyond and seeps into the large bay windows of the Dome.

Romantic Treehouse in Walhalla, SC

Tucked away on 40 acres of farmland, in Walhalla, South Carolina, this whimsical treehouse will not disappoint. A comfy king bed, vintage furnishings, and even a chandelier, this is luxury camping at its finest.

This little slice of paradise is eco-friendly and is the perfect place to unplug and hit reset. From the outdoor rope, swing bed, to the outdoor shower, guests will be fully equipped with everything needed for a tranquil and relaxing getaway. Enjoy your honeymoon, babymoon, or just because moon here. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

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