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Business Email Marketing

Business Email Marketing

Our Business Email Marketing Package is designed to help brands increase customer engagement and grow their business. It includes a comprehensive suite of email marketing tools, such as automated email campaigns, email creation and design, and analytics and reporting. We will provide targeted content and strategies to help your brand reach more customers, build relationships, and boost your bottom line. With our Email Marketing Package, you'll have the tools you need to take your email marketing to the next level.


Business Email Marketing:

  • Custom Email Template:
    • Creation of a 2 custom-designed email template tailored to your brand's visual identity.
  • Content Assistance:
    • Guidance and support in crafting compelling email content.
  • List Setup:
    • Import and organization of your existing email subscriber list
  • List Segmentation:
    • Segmentation of your email list for targeted and personalized campaigns.
  • Campaign Setup:
    • Setup and configuration of your email marketing platform with one initial email campaign.
  • Advanced Content Assistance:
    • In-depth content creation and editing support to enhance email effectiveness.
  • Automated Email Sequence:
    • Setup of an automated email sequence (e.g., welcome series, nurture sequence).
  • Comprehensive Performance Tracking:
    • Detailed analysis of campaign performance metrics, including conversions and subscriber engagement.


Once order is placed, you will automatically receive a Business Intake Form to fill out.

  • Turnaround Time

    Turnaround time is up to 14  business days from the date we have all the info needed to create your project.

    If you order after 5pm, the business day will begin on the FOLLOWING business day that we are open.

    We are closed Friday to Monday. Weekend and holidays are not included in the design turnaround time.

  • Revisions

    Our services include up to two revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction. If further adjustments are necessary beyond the initial two revisions, a revision fee of $50 will apply for each additional round of revisions.

    Each round of revisions may add up to 3 additional business days to the agreed-upon timeline. We encourage clear and concise communication during the revision process to streamline the feedback and ensure swift modifications.

  • Printing Services Exclusion

    Our services do not include printing. Any printing requirements or associated costs are the sole responsibility of the client.

  • Prohibited Elements

    Glitter and cartoon elements are strictly prohibited in any design created by Branded by K Foster. We prioritize sophisticated and professional aesthetics to ensure the timeless appeal of your brand.

  • Image-Based Logos

    Currently, we do not create image-based logos. Our focus is on crafting unique and impactful designs that primarily involve typography and graphic elements. We are happy to explore alternative creative solutions to fulfill your branding needs.

  • Photo Quality Requirements

    We require high-quality photos for any design service. Please refrain from submitting selfies, screenshots of products, or low-resolution images, as these may impact the overall quality of the final design.

  • Client Responsibility for Content

    Clients are responsible for providing all wording content required for the design. While Branded by K Foster takes charge of the design process, it is imperative that clients thoroughly review and proofread all content before submission. We do not undertake corrections for grammar or spelling errors.

    We strongly encourage all clients to proofread all wording content provided for accuracy. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the text is error-free and aligned with their preferences.

    Branded by K Foster is solely responsible for the design aspects of the project. We commit to translating your content into visually appealing and effective designs, ensuring your brand's unique identity shines through.

  • Delayed Response Fee

    This fee is applicable in cases where there are significant delays in providing the necessary information, or approvals for a project, which subsequently affects the scheduled timelines and overall efficiency of the project.

    Outlined below are the key points regarding the Delayed Response Fee:

    1. Grace Period: We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and thus, we offer a complimentary grace period of 3 business days from the date of our initial request for information or approval. During this period, no fees will be applied.

    2. Fee Structure: Should a delay persist beyond the grace period, a Delayed Response Fee of $50 will be levied for every 5 business days of delay.

    3. Invoice: The Delayed Response Fee will be invoiced to you and need to be paid before work of your project continues.

    4. Communication: We encourage open and transparent communication to avoid unnecessary delays and potential fees. If you anticipate any challenges in providing timely feedback, please inform us as soon as possible, and we will do our best to accommodate reasonable extensions.

  • Refund Policy

    • No Refunds After Order Placement:

      • Once an order has been placed, no refunds will be provided. We commit to delivering high-quality design services, and the initiation of the design process signifies the commencement of the agreed-upon service.
    • Refund in Unforeseen Circumstances:

      • A refund will be issued in the unlikely event that Branded by K Foster is unable to produce a project due to unforeseen personal reasons. We value transparency and will communicate promptly in such situations, ensuring a fair resolution.
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