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Our Growth Email Marketing Package is designed to help brands increase customer engagement and grow their business. It includes a comprehensive suite of email marketing tools, such as automated email campaigns, email creation and design, and analytics and reporting. We will provide targeted content and strategies to help your brand reach more customers, build relationships, and boost your bottom line. With our Growth Email Marketing Package, you'll have the tools you need to take your email marketing to the next level.


Growth Email Marketing Package Includes:

  • Custom Email Template:
    • Creation of a custom-designed email template tailored to your brand's visual identity.
  • Content Assistance:
    • Guidance and support in crafting compelling email content.
  • List Setup:
    • Import and organization of your existing email subscriber list
  • List Segmentation:
    • Segmentation of your email list for targeted and personalized campaigns.
  • Campaign Setup:
    • Setup and configuration of your email marketing platform with one initial email campaign.
  • Advanced Content Assistance:
    • In-depth content creation and editing support to enhance email effectiveness.
  • Automated Email Sequence:
    • Setup of an automated email sequence (e.g., welcome series, nurture sequence).
  • Comprehensive Performance Tracking:
    • Detailed analysis of campaign performance metrics, including conversions and subscriber engagement.


Once purchased, you will recieve an Business Intake Form to fill out. 

Growth Email Marketing Package

  • Photography:

    We require high quality photos for our website design servicea. We will not accept selfies, screenshots of products, or low resolution photos. 

    Wording/ General Content: 

    Clients are responsible for all wording content while Branded by K Foster is responsible for the design. We encourage all clients to proof read all wording sent over, we will not correct any grammar or spelling errors.