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All pricing at K Foster is subject to change at any time and becomes effective upon posting to this site. If there has been an agreed pricing between K Foster and the client before changes have been made, it will remain valid until that project is complete. For projects $499 and under, payment in full is required before work will begin. For projects over $500, a non-refundable payment of at least 50% is required before any work will begin. Unless purchasing directly from the site, full payment or deposits must be paid within 24 hours of receipt of invoice or the project is subject to cancellation. All remaining unpaid balances will be due within 24 hours of your final approval of the design concept. Once the final payment is made, the project will be finalized and all files will be sent to you. Currently, payments are all made via our website with a debit/credit card. No project will begin until payment has been 100% cleared. If you would to pay via cash app an additional fee applies.
K Foster does not provide refunds for any services unless agreed upon. Having buyers remorse or wanting to use another company instead is not a suitable means for a refund. Once payment has been made to K Foster, the project will begin in the time frame given to the client. It is advised that you give the project ample time for completion for these reasons: revisions may be needed, it may be a peak in the orders received and prior work received may take longer than expected. I provide a suitable timeframe, however, there may be an additional business day or two needed before I can begin if it is a busy time. If for any reason you want to cancel a service already rendered or paid for, that is your choice. However, due to the work produced or in queue, payments already received K Foster will not be refunded in order to offset the loss of business. If partial work has already been received by the client and they choose to cancel, the partial or full payment that has been paid will not be refunded. Ownership of all artwork, layouts and development will remain the property of K Foster and remaining work will not be sent to the client for their ownership. If the project is in it’s final stage, ownership will be transferred to client after full payment is received. The only reason any monies will be refunded is in the event K Foster is unable to complete the project for personal reasons or illness.
For all projects done by K Foster, there is a two (2) revision limit. After that, all additional revisions will incur a $25 fee per revision. This is to ensure a steady work flow so your project can be completed in a reasonable time frame.
It is important to have a vision of some kind for your business so it can be relayed to me. If you want me to freestyle my ideas for your project, keep in mind our creative visions may not match. This can lead to more revisions than needed. It is best to at least have some form on concept on the project you are purchasing. Clients are required to submit all HIGH QUALITY photos and/or verbiage (text) they need for their project. Pixelated photos will not result in the best quality design. Please refrain from submitting dull phone images. Please make sure all submitted content is spell checked and not subject to copyright. K Foster may revise submitted content if deemed necessary for the project. Any revisions on my end will be communicated first.​

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